Sunday, November 16, 2014

85% of us are low income?

One of our volunteers was posting notices in the neighborhoods and saw that someone posted another notice, "85% of us are low income".  Of course, unlike some people in town,  we will not tear down this sign simply because we question it.  We welcome the discussion about what "low income" means. It is particularly relevant to the discussion of low income housing.

What can this person mean by "85% of us are low income"?  Statistically speaking, the maximum number of people that can be considered low income is 49%.  But that is calling "low income every family making lower than the mean average of all incomes or less than $89,000 average family income in Marinwood/Lucas Valley.     Does this also mean everyone with a dollar more than average income is "high income"?   Are they "morally obligated" to support all of those less than of average income?

What percentage of people in  Marinwood/Lucas Valley do you think are to be considered low income?  At what income level shall we tax ourselves to  provide tax free housing and other subsidies?  What amont of support should we offer?

Maybe the person meant "85% percent of us have trouble making our bills in this economy" .  I can agree with this statement.  I'd rather all of my expenses were lower. The food, gas, mortgage, and taxes are killing us.

We have 6000 people in this Valley.  Statistically speaking what percentage of them should be considered low income to you?

If you want to be part of the conversation, you must be willing to speak up.  Talk with your neighbors. Learn more about the 2012 Housing Element for Unincorporated Marin. 
Keep free speech alive. 

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