Sunday, October 12, 2014

The "Choosing the Future We Want Show" September 17, 2014. Finance Salesman David Kunhardt, explains the LIHTC

Low income housing is BIG BUSINESS generating millions in Tax Credits for corporate fat cats and hedge funds.    "Structured Finance" salesmen like David Kunhardt get rich selling investment to Wall street investors.

Mr Kunhardt is part of a coalition of housing activists and lobbyists who can be seen at nearly every housing event pitching for taxpayer subsidized housing.  Local homeowners foot the tax bill for nearly all of the development's cost to the benefit of wall street investors, banks and owners.

He is a big advocate of pushing subsidized housing in the community of Marinwood/Lucas Valley  miles away from his 3400 square foot" McMansion in Corte Madera hills.   Clearly he has been successful in selling "tax advantaged" investments.

For more on  making Triple Profits from low income housing this article HERE

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