Monday, October 13, 2014

"The dogs don't like the dog food" ABAG examines failures in communicating Plan Bay Area I

On May 15, 2014 ABAG held a meeting to discuss Plan Bay Area 2014. They did an analysis of "what went right" and "what went wrong" in the last set meetings that led up to approval of the Plan on July 18, 2013, the same day that Detroit declared bankruptcy. They had 2 pages of what went right and 7 pages of what went wrong. You can read a summary of their findings here ( You can see the slides here

Comment from Save Marinwood:

We did all the marketing right but the dogs don't like the dog food". Brad Paul demonstrates the arrogance and stupidity of the ABAG staff. They call us names and think we cannot do math. Gee, maybe we REJECT the massive urbanization and Government control.. Maybe we don't want central planners guiding every aspect of our lives and destroy our neighborhoods. He is a hint Mr. Paul. We love our communities. We love our homes and we don't need ABAG to "improve our lives".

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