Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NEW and IMPROVED Microwave Towers blast Marinwood Village Residents!

October 1, 2014- Sprint has just recently applied to place MORE MICROWAVE transmission facilities next to the Marinwood Village property at 190 Marinwood Avenue.  This tower will be literally yards away from living units housing pregnant women and small children.  Where is the outrage from Susan Adams, Nursing PHD or the housing activists?  Do they actually care for the health of the future residents  of Marinwood Village!?   see THIS
Families living in proposed Marinwood Plaza will have two high powered microwave antennas literally yards away from their home.  Would you want to live here?

High powered Microwave transmissions are a known health risk.

The FCC has strict safety warnings for workers and people close to microwave transmission towers.

 Two microwave towers on the property, the one on the right is disguised as a redwood tree
There are actually TWO HIGH POWERED MICROWAVE transmission towers on the South end of the Marinwood Plaza property that will be literally yards away from bedrooms of small children and pregnant woman.  Any cell phone user is aware of microwave interference with radio waves. We are asked to turn off our cellphones on airplanes and in hospitals.  People with pacemakers are asked to avoid being too close microwave ovens.

If you wouldn't move your family next to these towers, why would you allow Bridge Housing to develop here?

For more information on potentional health risks from microwave radiation: Cell Tower Dangers

If we truly care about our new neighbors, why would we ask them to live so close to the dangers of the pollution near the freeway and microwave towers?

Clearly, some people have different agendas than "helping" the working poor.

If the doublespeak,  the distortions,  the hidden agendas,  and  secret meetings concerning the Marinwood Village development proposal upset you,  please join us to Save Mariwood. Come to our meetings on Mondays .

We can have a better future for our community.

Life is Good in Marinwood/Lucas Valley


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