Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Wacky World of Marin Politics: Judy Arnold warns of the Invisible Tea Party and Gives Advice to new Politicians

Judy Arnold attacks 49% of the voters in her district after a narrow re-election.  She claims the invisible Tea Party and "Property rights activists" are secretly trying to sabotage her political career.

 While it is true that the vast majority of Marin residents oppose high density development, few of them are associated with the Tea Party.  In fact the vast majority are environmentalists, progressive Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and Green Party.  Judy Arnold just doesn't get it.  People want to live in human scale communities where they know their neighbors,  kids can get a good education, nature abounds and the streets are safe.  Most of us escaped cities to come to Marin.  Marin has a 100 year tradition of careful growth. 

We do not oppose affordable housing per se but the imposition of high density, urban growth of our communities. We will save Marin again.  This is a clip from a the Marin Woman's Political Caucus Candidates Forum held in August 2014 .

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