Saturday, July 26, 2014

The advertisement in the SF Chronicle could apply equally well to the Marinwood CSD

For years and years the previous Marinwood CSD board has approved of Cash on Cash accounting as is described in the above advertisement.  Government is required to used modified Accrual account which more accurately reflects the financial position.  This has lead to massive miscalculation of liabilities and several mid year "surprises".  Total pension and healthcare liabilities are also not accounted for.  Our pool equipment, pool house and maintenance shed have had years of deferred maintenance and little capital has been set aside to replace equipment. The new CSD directors Justin Kai, Deana Dearborn and Bill Shea are committed to improving the financial situation but it will take years to sort out. Bill Hansel also has sought streamlining of Park and Recreation services.

In the coming months, we will hire a new CSD Manager to replace retiring Tom Horne and we will begin negotiations with our Fireman's Union.  A new costly Fire Truck is proposed but leasing is our only option. 

You can attend the CSD board meetings the second Tuesday of every month at the Marinwood Community Center at 775 Miller Creek Rd.

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