Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rituparna Basu - ObamaCare: Sacrifice Of The Millennials

You could substitute "Millennials" with "Middle Class" and "Obamacare" with "Plan Bay Area" and you'd have a good analysis why Plan Bay Area is so wrong.   Plan Bay Area shifts costs to the middle class suburban homeowner who must pay enormous new costs for transportation, support taxpayer subsidized housing, and new fees.  It is a radical restructuring of our economy and democracy.

I agree that healthcare needed reform. It is just that there were 1001 better, freer ways to do it than create a massive bureaucracy.

The great lesson of the 20th Century was that central planning leads to  shortages, inefficiencies, loss of freedoms and bureaucratic tyranny.  Plan Bay Area must be stopped.

We will Save Marin Again and we must also save the Millennials from exploitation.

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