Sunday, June 15, 2014

VIDEO: The theft of private property in Alameda County

This powerful 5 minute video about Measure D in Alameda County sums the plight of ALL homeowners in the Bay Area under the ABAG mandates.  While the video specifically speaks of what is being done to ranchers,  essentially each homeowner in Marinwood-Lucas Valley is subject to the same authoritarian mandates by the unelected regional body, Association of Bay Area Governments.  

We are under a serious attack of our private property rights which will permanently alter our concept of property ownership and local democracy.  Check out other postings under ABAG for a reference.

While we are fighting the location of 71% of all affordable housing in Unincorporated Marin within our 5.78 square neighborhood,  this is only the beginning.  In the Marinwood Priority Development Area for Urbanization, even more high density 30 unit per acre housing is expected.

This must not stand. 

The people of Marinwood-Lucas Valley will not be fooled.

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