Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Happy, Happy, Happy El Camino Real "Grand Boulevard" Scheme

Above is a Happy, Happy, Happy sales pitch for the Grand Boulevard project on the El Camino Real.

Everywhere in the Bay Area,  Plan Bay Area is pushing massive urbanization schemes on local residents.  The plans are wrapped up in pleasant sound names like "Smart Growth" and "New Urbanism" and it promises everything from "reducing obesity", to "lower crime" and "fight global warming".  The planners at ABAG (Association of Bay Area Governments)  are projecting massive population increases at therefore claim all of this urbanization is needed. 

Citizens in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties are fighting this government intrusion into their communities. Palo Alto just defeated a huge 80 unit building proposed for a single family neighborhood.  Redwood City, San Bruno residents are also leading the charge.  Most people are still unaware of the project and the draconian land use restrictions it will entail. As people become aware of the Smart Growth schemes, more are rising out against it all over California.

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