Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Imagining Smart Growth Cities in Marin from Kansas City Promotional Film

Here is a slick video animation of Kansas City pushing all of the same concepts of "Smart Growth" that are being pushed in Marin.  Notice the light rail and the justification of intensive urbanization using all of the same concepts used in Plan Bay Area and the Marin Housing Elements. In Marin, Plan Bay Area bureaucrats want all land with 1/2 mile of the 101 highway to become the "city centered corridor" just as it is pictured here.

It is as if all of the politicians and planners went mad and developed the plans together.   I believe the planners / politicians are following a "planning fad" for high density that will quickly fade once the political and economic realities are realized.  Street cars are enormously expensive, inefficient and polluting.  Families show overwhelming preference for suburban lifestyles over gritty urban centers.  The smart growth lifestyle is antithetical to our decentralized, dynamic world economy of today.   

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