Saturday, December 28, 2013

Class Warfare and Exploitation in South Carolina by the Green Mafia.

“Comprehensive Planning” a Synonym for Tyranny - an example from South Carolina from Don Casey on Vimeo.

A concerted effort to restructure society is under way across the country - case in point - Richland County, South Carolina. Local restructuring process formally began when the County Commission adopted as official policy a “comprehensive plan”. The Commission operating under the “plan”, utilized the color of law to enforce the tenets of “sustainable development” (see footnote).

“Sustainable development” is another synonym for tyranny.

Filmed in 2003, this video documents the efforts of Richland County residents to publicize their plight.

Responsible Richland County citizens read the “comprehensive plan” and alerted their neighbors. The result - implementation process was stalled.

Update - 2009

In Richland County local elected officials in lock step with the socialist philosophy of “sustainable development” are in the throws of adopting a revised “comprehensive plan”. Click on the link to access the plan and comments from local residents:

Their story – the forced abrogation of God given un-a-lienable rights - should be head line news.

“Sustainable development” is the official dogma of the legislative and executive branches of the Federal Government. Senate and House Concurrent RES. 89 102d CONGRESS 2d Session - January 31 (legislative day, JANUARY 30), 1992. Executive Order 13423 – see link:

Proposed “Updated Principles and Guidelines for Water and Land Related Resources Implementation Studies” Dec 3rd, 2009

The upload of this video made possible by the Alliance for Citizens Rights. Visit our websites for additional information: ; Ken Freeman, Chairman, 256 498 3802 - Don Casey, Vice-Chairman, 205 542 1730

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