Sunday, January 6, 2013

Novato "greets" its new Community Development Director

What our neighbors in Novato are saying about Affordable Housing quotas

The article and comments on the appointment of Bob Brown as Community Development director speaks for itself.  I linked this article for the comments from the community concerning the appointment.  It is clear that the outrage of the community is not about "affordable housing" per se but the political process,  the addition of thousands tax free housing units to Novato that the community can ill afford and the unfair concentration of housing in their community. 

Also,  there is outrage about "double dipper" Mr. Brown,  who joins the young six figure government pensioners / bureacrats at a time of extreme financial hardship in local governments.

Affordable housing is being crammed into middle class communities in Novato and Marinwood/Lucas Valley so the wealthy can keep it out of their backyards.

Time to start Squawking!

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