Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gimme that Old Time Religion and Cleanse your Eco Sins!

A parade of fools

Like old time prohibitionists ready to rid the heathen world of alcohol,
the self proclaimed "Smart Growth" zealots are going to cure global warming by converting suburbs into Transit Orient Developments such as the Marinwood Priority Development Area to transform our community to a "Transit Village"
They claim among other things that Transit Oriented Developments provide
-Higher quality of life
-Better places to live, work, and play
-Greater mobility with ease of moving around
-Increased transit ridership
-Reduced traffic congestion and driving
-Reduced car accidents and injuries
-Reduced household spending on transportation, resulting in more affordable housing
-Healthier lifestyle with more walking, and less stress
-Higher, more stable property values
-Increased foot traffic and customers for area businesses
-Greatly reduced dependence on foreign oil
-Greatly reduced pollution and environmental destruction
-Reduced incentive to sprawl, increased incentive for compact development
-Less expensive than building roads and sprawl
-Enhanced ability to maintain economic competitiveness
Of course all of this development and planning is done with our money with the blessing high priesthood of planners, politicians and crony developers eager to cash in. 
For a real world view of what really happens with "Smart Growth" you can examine the failures of Portland, Oregon to live up to it's promise.  In fact, despite the urban planning mania for "Smart Growth",  there is no successful example anywhere in the world.  It is another failed idea like socialism in Eastern Europe. Real world problems of pollution, congestion and corruption eventually seep into the imagined reality of 19th Century City Village life. 
Portland, Oregon is experiencing a mass exodus of business.  Nike remains but is considering a move to Idaho.You still can find a good latte, though.
For an insider's view of how they think check out:
It seems to me that we already have these developments.  They are called "cities".  Most of us left them to raise our families in the sunshine and open space in Marinwood/Lucas Valley.
Why must our Marinwood/Lucas Valley be destroyed to create their idea of a urban paradise?
Their mission is clear.

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