Monday, May 16, 2022

Bruce Anderson Speaks to change the "Racist" Dixie School District name


 Bruce Anderson, former Marinwood CSD politician speaks out to change the name of the "Racist" Dixie School District in 2018, 2019. He currently is the lead moderator on Lucas Valley/ Marinwood Nextdoor and removed this discussion below for "Misinformation and Dangerous Activity". 


Marinwood CSD practicing racist policies behind closed doors?
It seems incredible but the Marinwood CSD stopped rentals to "outside groups" quietly in 2019 after an armed sex crime at a birthday celebration. . Fortunately, no one was hurt but the CSD covered up the incident until the Marin IJ reported the story of the trial sentencing on August 25, 2019. The board quietly stopped renting our meeting hall for a "safety evaluation". Marinwood Community Center had been a popular rental location for weddings, birthday celebration and quinceaneras for the Hispanic community. Coincidentally, I attended a meeting of the Parks and Recreation commission where several members spoke openly to prevent rentals because of the "loud Mexican music and drinking" . I was shocked that only ONE community was being singled out for "bad behavior" in our park. The crime provided the excuse for stopping rentals to "outsiders". Covid lockdown happened a few months later but there is no word if the CSD plans to continue to ban now that things are returning to normal. Marinwood CSD is not a private club. It is a public agency with a duty to serve the public without prejudice. While the term "racism" gets used too much these days, there is undeniable racism when identical activities are treated differently in our rental policy. Few people complain about the "Art and Wine festival". Why should other celebrations be treated differently? This is why we need OPEN MEETINGS of Marinwood CSD AND COMMISSION MEETINGS. Directors need to be available to the public. All public meetings should be announced on a large sign board and must be accessible in person and on line and recorded. An "Annual Business Meeting" should be held every March to update the people. No secrecy. It is wrong to discriminate and hide behind closed doors. We have a new CSD Board that is more open and has new ideas. While a few people promoting the ban are still with us, I am confident that the new majority will DO THE RIGHT thing if they hear from you. PLEASE EMAIL to urge support Fair Access to Marinwood CSD park rentals. Marinwood CSD Board Members care of

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