Thursday, April 14, 2022

Save Marinwood Park's most lovely picnic area from destruction.

 Save Marinwood Park's most lovely picnic area from destruction. 

Crews have already begun removing grills and tables from the Fireman's Picnic Area

Tonight while I was walking my dogs I notice that crews are in the process of removing grills and picnic tables from Fireman's Picnic Area WITHOUT PUBLIC APPROVAL.

It is quite a shame.  As many local residents know, this group picnic area is one of the most lovely spots in the North Bay.  It is under a tall canopy of trees that keeps it pleasant year round. Miller Creek cools the air and many birds sing in the trees.  It is the perfect place for an informal gathering or just to sit and enjoy nature.

This grill had been allowed to completely rust through.

Over the years, maintenance has been neglected and one grill had completely rusted through.  Instead of maintaining and replacing the grills, the CSD has decided to decommission the area.  They claim they need no input from the public. Neighbors disagree.

For years, hundreds of residents have used this areas for birthdays, block parties, weddings, and memorials.  It is a cheerful place. 

I ask you to be a Friend of Marinwood Park and save this lovely area from destruction.  I ask you to write an email right now to tell them stop the removals. General Manager   Rec and Parks Manager

and  (Friends of Marinwood/Lucas Valley)

A petition to save the Fireman's picnic area will be coming shortly.  For now, please send your email to let the Marinwood CSD that you care about our park and our community quality of life.


Fireman's Picnic Area aka Quietwood Grove can be reached by walking down this path
at 401 Quietwood Drive in Marinwood.

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