Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Three Minutes of excuses why Marinwood Plaza is not cleaned up 3/9/22

Curious why Marinwood Plaza toxic waste is STILL not cleaned up and has remained vacant for well over two decades ? Here are the dangerous chemicals present as reported by the Regional Water Quality Control Board as of today. Yesterday, the Clean Up Marinwood Plaza Committee (est. 2012) attended the RWQCB meeting and we got 3 minutes of excuses. The RWQCB has ordered the owners to cleanup since 2014 under financial penalty. As of today the "hotspot" of PCE toxic waste remains in the ground, poisoning the groundwater and creating toxic gases that seep everywhere on the site including a site just outside Casa Marinwood. Supervisor Damon Connolly and Asst. Mary Sackett has been steadfast in the support of clean up but the RWQCB has not imposed penalties.

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