Friday, February 18, 2022

Why Marin County is NOT asking your opinion on Housing Sites


Marin County Community Development Director, Leelee Thomas claims that "TOO MANY HOUSING SITES" for "The Balancing Act" tool. They ask for public commentary on a LIMITED NUMBER of potential housing sites. In Lucas Valley Marinwood over 75% of the housing sites are not listed on the tool. This appears to be complete B.S. and a cause for worry.

Have you every heard of a modern database that can only handle 550 records but 2300 records would crash the servers?

I think it is obvious that the Marin County Community Development department do not want to alert the public about the massive changes about to take place in their neighborhoods. This video clip was taken from the Marin City presentation on February 16, 2022 The 2022 RHNA proposal for Unincorporated Marin is absurd.

In another attempt to sound logical, Marin County Community Development Director indicates that low income housing will be concentrate in wealthy suburbs presumed to be racist and exclusionary. They are called "high opportunity areas".

Marin County Community Development Director promotes the lie that George Lucas could not get development because of neighborhood resistance. In fact, the project proposed moving a creek and had other environmental hazards that were hidden from regulators in an attempt to get the project approved. The developers were caught and, the development proposal died to avoid inevitable legal trouble. The Community Development Director implies that it was "white people in Lucas Valley" that stopped the development. The is emphatically not true. In fact, many neighbors in Lucas Valley supported the project before the environmental problems were revealed. Most thought housing is better located near the highway on Silviera Ranch and St Vincents. Marin County has prohibited development on Silviera Ranch. We have much higher diversity here than most other districts in Marin including the one where the Community Development director lives.

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