Monday, February 28, 2022

My Letter sent the Marin Community Planning and Supervisor Damon Connolly today

 Dear Marin County Supervisors and Community Planning Staff:

The 2022 Marin County Candidates site for Unincorporated Marin and especially Marinwood/ Lucas Valley/Silveria Ranch is absurd.  It targets just 5 square miles with 80% of the housing allocation for affordable housing in one community WITHOUT essential planning for schools, roads, government services, water, sewer and other essential services.

Why "plan to fail"?

Shouldn't a good faith effort to build affordable housing in our community also include a comprehensive plan for accommodating growth?  It doesn't.  This is why it should be rejected today.

Instead, let's address the core questions for growth AND the financial impact of adding massive amount of largely non profit housing to a single community WITHOUT ADDITIONAL TAX BASE.

Marinwood/Lucas Valley currently has approximately 2700 housing units for 6000 residents.  The proposed housing sites could add 2300 apartments and 5500 residents who ALL WILL NEED schools, water, government services, transportation, access to shopping, etc.  Shouldn't a proper plan for growth precede approval for housing?

One of the sites listed is Marinwood Plaza, our communities ONLY commercial plaza within walking distance for thousands of residents.  If the plan for 160 units is approved, this would squeeze out a vital community center to the detriment of all.  This is not including the problem of TOXIC WASTE contamination clean up suitable for residential dwelling is a long way off despite community pressure on the Regional Water Quality Control Board who will not enforce its own clean up orders on the current owners.  

Despite the harsh criticism of the RHNA process, I believe there is a real community desire for more affordable housing in a community that will be planned appropriately,  won't redevelop our neighborhoods and utilize open spaces like Silveira Ranch, St Vincents and other sites. 

While everyone I know supports the idea of more housing, not a single one wants a poorly conceived plan that forces large housing projects without considering the impacts.

Reject the current RHNA plan until a comprehensive community plan with real public input can be drafted.


Stephen Nestel

PS.  The "Balancing Act" tool is NOT a serious tool for community input.  Less than 25% of the homes under consideration were ever included in the database.  I do not find "our database could not handle the data" as a credible reason from the Community Development Department.
If you want REAL success seek REAL community support.

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