Friday, January 21, 2022

Marin County RHNA Workshop 1/20/22

Last night's RHNA Workshop for Unincorporated Marin. We are slated for 3569 units of housing. Unlike past RHNA allocations, if these housing units are NOT BUILT FOR ANY REASON, developers may build their projects BY RIGHT and the county will be sued.
It is a ridiculous law since the county does not build housing. Builders build housing ONLY when it makes financial sense. In other words, the county is punished for the actions of the marketplace and builders.
This amount of housing means drastic changes. In Marinwood, it could force DOUBLING of our population with low income housing. There will be NO FUNDING for infrastructure investments from non profit developers. How will provide new schools, sewer and water capacity? We the taxpayers will be responsible. These laws are a giveaway to developers.

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