Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Marinwood CSD Million Dollar Maintenance Shed-Bid Opening 4/27/2021

Here is the video of the bid opening. It is 7 minutes long and inaudible in parts. Five bids were received in excess of $1 million plus.  This does not include considerable preparation work, engineering or landscaping and Bill Hansell's fees.  

The initial committee found that a serviceable structure could be built for around $100k using similar designs as found in Marin County parks.  When Bill Hansell got involved the costs skyrocketed due to customized architectural components normally found in Class A Office Parks and custom homes.   This is all for three guys in our landscaping department that work outside for most of the day.  Clearly this is a vanity project which will waste MILLIONS of our tax dollars. 

I must point out that the building does not even pass the basic "usability" standard for our landscaping team.  Vehicles are not able to easily load materials, store landscaping waste or even turn around without great difficulty.  The usability HAS NEVER BEEN TESTED by the CSD staff or CSD Board.  It doesn't require much effort.  Just stake out the building on the lot and try to maneuver our equipment.  It is very obvious that  this project is not only a massive waste of land and resources,  it will not even work as a landscaping garage facility.

We can do better.   An immediate solution would be to fence in the existing temporary facility and bring in a prefab office.  We will literally save millions.

  1. Murray Building, Inc., Santa Rosa: $1,059,000
  2. M3 Integrated Solutions, Inc., Santa Rosa: $1,072,000
  3. CF Contracting, Inc., San Francisco: $1,169,425
  4. CWS Construction Group, Inc., Novato: $1,287,000
  5. Azul Works, Inc., San Francisco: $1,297,000    see article about corruption allegations HERE

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