Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Who cares about providing a safe entrance to Marinwood Park? Not the CSD.

After six years of lobbying, the Marinwood CSD general manager Eric Dreikosen STILL WILL NOT PROVIDE SAFE ACCESS to Marinwood Park. His solution? Post a warning sign.
For this we pay our Marinwood CSD manager and Marinwood Parks manager a generous compensation to restrict access to our parks!?. So maddening.

A private citizen even OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE RAMP but this was refused. Listen how this matter is discussed at the 11/24/2020 Marinwood Parks and Recreation meeting after Anne brings up the topic. Jon Campo, a commissioner and professional with Marin County parks department agrees that it would be feasible and not costly but John Tune, Commissioner and Eric Dreikosen, General Manager disagree claiming that it would require a major project. 

Jon Campo, was responsible for the creation of the new bike trail and is well versed in trail construction. He knows how simply it is to create a gentle slope entrance to the park. It is no more complicated than a retaining wall commonly found in many backyards. It is too bad he is leaving the Commission. We need common sense on the commission.

Bill Shea, Marinwood CSD board member sat silently as always neither offering an opinion nor a solution for dangerous access on Quietwood Drive West Entrance
Marinwood Park is a MAJOR walking path especially for people with mobility issues. It is preferred because it is flat and provides easy access along a beautiful natural area. During the pandemic park use has DOUBLED as people have been locked out of their gyms and other recreational activities.

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