Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Marinwood CSD P & R Commission Sept 22, 2020

CSD Manager, Eric Dreikosen reports on a major open space project that he approved WITHOUT Marinwood CSD Board Approval and Notification.  His excuse was "time was of the essence" and there was no time to meet. The project was only discussed with a few members of the Fire Commission.  Jon Campo, Parks Commissioner complains about the lack of notification. He correctly points out that this projects need to be reviewed for environmental concerns and parks department goals.

Eric Dreikosen, CSD Manager consistently avoids ethical disclosure and abuses his position of trust.  We hope that the full extent of his secretive activities are exposed.  Dreikosen was hired by the CSD at the recommendation of Bill Hansell, architect of the Marinwood Maintenance Facility project.  Dreikosen REFUSES TO DISCLOSE THE COST OF THE PROJECT and clearly is violating government ethics and likely government contracting laws.

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