Thursday, June 11, 2020

Marinwood CSD June 9, 2020- Damn the Torpedos

Marinwood CSD throws caution to the wind and continues with massive capital spending on the Bill Hansell's White Elephant aka. Marinwood Maintenance Shed.  The necessary major repairs to the Community Pool are being ignored for now, to allow more money to be spent on Hansell's bloated project.   This is corruption in real time.

The Marinwood CSD staff has been idle for months while retaining full salary.  Unlike other government agencies in Marin who have laid off staff due to declining revenue, Marinwood CSD continues to employ idle staff . The Marinwood CSD board voted 5-0 to INCREASE the pay range for our staff.  Jeff Naylor, Leah Green, Izabella Perry, Bill Shea and Sivan Oyserman are clueless and grossly irresponsible with our budgets.

A very limited summer camp is going forward despite concerns over COVID19 community spread and the continued lockdown of businesses and other activities.  While some measures for safety, are being implemented, we need to be aware that it will be up to young teen counselors to maintain the health protocol.  We think this is very unwise but hope that our children will be safe.  I would have rather seen the new health protocol implemented by the schools so that mature adults will be present at all times.  I am guardedly optimistic for our children.

Jeff Naylor and Sivan Oyserman want an official statement of support for "Black Lives Matter" despite their previous racist remarks following last year's attempted rape of a juvenile attending a Mexican Sweet 16 party.   The Marinwood CSD silently banned all quincenaras, weddings and other events booked primarily by the Hispanic community.  Instead of increasing security protocols and guidelines to ensure safety, they simply banned community events.  When we pointed out the racist nature of the policy, they quietly reversed themselves upon the advice of their lawyer.

The Marinwood CSD refused to change their alcohol policy and will not install video security cameras in fear that they will offend "community members" who use the Marinwood Community Center for drinking parties and other "non family" events.

It is appalling that the Marinwood CSD ignores the safety of the community.

Jeff Naylor, Izabela Perry and Leah Green is up for reelection and hope you will not notice.   We encourage you to consider running for a seat on the Marinwood CSD to help clean up the swampy messy before it is too late.  Marinwood CSD insiders are taking unfair advantage of everyone.

This is your community.  What future do YOU want? You can make a difference.  Contact to learn more.

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