Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Horse Shoe Pit will be destroyed for vehicle access.

Here is an illustration of a "hammerhead turn" that the CSD claims will be done everyday in Marinwood Park. Many of us know this as a "three point" turn.  The trucks will back out of the Maintenance Facility and on to the horse shoe pit to turn around.

This of course will wreck the horseshoe pit that the Marinwood CSD claimed would not be harmed in any way and makes a mockery of the Site Plan submitted by the Marinwood CSD that shows a pedestrian path.

In addition Bill Hansell falsely represented this area as a "gravel surface" when in fact it is a soft sandy area to the planning commission and the county .

The Marinwood CSD has paid Bill Hansell an estimated $50k in architects fees before a single thing has been done to the site.  Hansell has a highly unusual fee contract that lacks performance standards and objectives.  It is a sweet deal for the architect but we taxpayers are stuck with the bill

Had we chosen a pre engineered building as specified in the initial plan, the CSD could install a an entire building for the cost of the architects fees so far.

The Marinwood CSD approved this awful fee arrangement and WILL NOT DISCUSS THE BUDGET FOR THE PROJECT.  We believe they fear public outrage if the cost is truly known.

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