Thursday, December 19, 2019

Why is over 1/3 of the Marinwood Maintenance Compound Wasted Space?

The Maintenance Shed compound is huge because over 1/3 of it must remain open for vehicle and equipment access.  The above drawing approximates the areas that will need to remain open. It does not show the support columns in the center of the building which further restricts movement.

It is easy to overlook practical concerns when creating an initial design.  The first design of the Marinwood Maintenance Compound is an excellent example.   A huge access corridor must remain open at all times to allow vehicles and equipment to move in the long and narrow facility.  In addition each "room has support columns in the middle that further restricts movement.   This is a FATAL DESIGN ERROR and  why a new design must be created.

Almost everyone will support a well designed facility that minimizes the impact to the park and the creek while also providing enough space for our 3 workers.  The current building is approximately 3200 square feet inside a 5400 square foot compound.  This is TWICE the size of neighboring homes.  We are storing 1 full size truck, 2 utility vehicles, a tractor and equipment.  A conventional side access garage as seen in every government agency in Marin will take up about half the size at less than half the cost.

We need your help to stop the "White Elephant". Let's build a "right size" garage instead.
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