Sunday, December 15, 2019

As the Truth comes out about the Shed, Outrage grows

Marinwood residents are getting restless at the lies.

As bomber pilots, say" You can tell when you are over the target. That is when the flack is the heaviest".   I am not on NextDoor but I understand that the architect, Bill Hansell and his willing allies are smearing me with personal attacks and calling critics of his plans "liars".   Funny thing is that he never addresses any specific criticism of the White Elephant project which is directed at the impractical aspects of a long drive through garage.   It is just relentless attacks.  

While I cannot blame Bill Hansell for wanting a payday for his project,  I'd prefer that he address concerns in a civil manner that respects public process.  

Here are a few questions I'd like answers to:

1.) Why a design with so much wasted space? Over 1/2 will need to remain open for access.
2.) The project was initially promoted as a garage/workshop that will hold vehicles, tools and materials.  Once the access limitations were pointed out, the project is now just a workshop and storage.   Do they now believe the vehicles are okay to be stored outside in the weather?
a.) Our guys only do projects a few times a month.  Is there need for a dedicated workshop? Won't a part time flexible space/garage be better?
b.) Why isn't a  design with side access doors being considered for cost and size savings? Why is the architects preference for "no garage doors" more important than worker's need for easy access, light and shop organization?  
3.) Why the insistence on "no door" design with so many limitations that it must be twice as big as necessary?
4.) Where will trucks turn around?  Are you aware that a Ford F250 needs approximately 60' circle to turn 180 degrees?
5.) Has ventilation and dust collection been considered in the the enclosed design?  Where will this be housed?  Is it noisy?
6,) What is the cost/budget for the project?   Why isn't this being discussed publicly?
7.) What do other parks departments use for garage/workshop? Shouldn't we build something similar to other successful designs?
8.) What do the workers think of the design? I have heard they hate the limitations/inefficiency of moving vehicles and equipment constantly for access and inaccessible storage
9.) Why can't we have story poles to establish the mass of the building and a 3D design of the building showing how the space "works"? Why isn't side and front elevation drawings available to the public?  The architectural drawings do not show the full building. 
10.) Why is the project being rushed for approval before public discussion?  Why should we trust the process?

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