Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Proposed Maintenance Facility is TWICE the size of Neighboring Houses

In this drawing of the proposed Maintenance facility, you can clearly see the comparable size of the Marinwood CSD maintenance facility next to the fence.  It spans TWO house lots and is TWICE THE SIZE. The building has a shed roof and a sheer face 15 feet high or roughly equivalent to the height of neighborhood houses.  The combined distance of the facade/ fence is 150 feet.  It is massive and roughly FOUR TIMES the size of McInnis Park maintenance facility.

The big footprint means that trucks will occupy most of the land outside the building next to the creek for moving materials.  The interior of the facility will have restricted movement because of support columns.

In other words, despite a slick facade, the Hansell Building is terribly inefficient and expensive for our staff of three and their vehicles.  A conventional garage is far more servicable.

Here is an approximation of the footprint of the Maintenance Shed in white.  No wonder they are calling this the White Elephant.

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