Friday, December 6, 2019

Marinwood CSD votes new taxes in five minutes at a special meeting

Marinwood CSD votes for new taxes in five minutes at a "special meeting" that few noticed.  It  was held on a rainy Tuesday night at 6:00 pm before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The Marinwood CSD has the option to stop this endless tax increase but as you can see, they regard it as an automatic increase in revenue.

Wouldn't it be great if they used their time to examine how the CSD can spend our resources more wisely instead of sticking it to the community every year?   

For example, the CSD board approved about $60,000 in repairs to a storm drain WITHOUT COMPETIVE BIDDING.  The job took 1 1/2 days and despite Marinwood CSD manager, Eric Dreikosen's presentation, MANY QUALIFIED CONTRACTORS could have performed the repairs.  Do you think competitve bids might have reduced costs?   

Likewise, the Marinwood CSD is continuing to employ former CSD Director, Bill Hansell as the architect for the Marinwood Maintenance Shed project despite billing FIVE TIMEs original cost estimates.

It is time for a rigorous inspection of the CSD business practive for fraud, corruption and incompetence. No tax increases should be approved by the voters until this happens.

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