Thursday, November 14, 2019

Marinwood Maintenance Truck destruction of the Nature Trail in Marinwood Park

The Ford F250 and the dump trailer are a combined length of 44 feet.  The Marinwood landscaping crew has no choice but  to turn around 180 degrees in the Marinwood Park Nature meadow 450 feet east of this facility There is no other choice.  The proposed Marinwood facility will be too constrained to turn around any other way.  The only other option is to back up onto Miller Creek avenue. This will require expert skill and attention avoiding walkers, children, dogs and equipment.

The project must be halted IMMEDIATELY until the Marinwood CSD comes up with a solution for material handling and vehicle movement that does not destroy our park. Photos 11/14/2019

Huge piles of landscaping debris/ trash are stored in the open as a part of normal weekly operations
Tire tread is clearly visible in the field

The large 60 foot turnaround is directly behind 515 Quietwood Dr.

The truck is ready to exit the facility after turning around in meadow

The truck will exit the facility several times a day even during rain and muddy conditions. The meadow will be destroyed with deep tire tracks and ruts. Pictured above is a conditions from last winter.

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