Friday, August 2, 2019

WHITE ELEPHANT Maintenance Shed Plans are now online

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The project is HUGE for our tiny park  
It is twice the size of neighboring homes and THREE TIMES the size of a similar facility at McInnis Park completed in 2018. McInnis Park is 26 times the size of Marinwood Park and employs triple the staff.

The Project VIOLATES the Miller Creek Watershed
The project violates the Miller Creek Stream conservation setback of 120' feet as required by Marin County.  The unusual side entrance requires a 15' corridor in the center of the building wasting 1/3 of the space.   It will require trucks to turn around in the meadow several hundred feet to the East.  Open space and recreation area will be needlessly destroyed by this inefficient design.  

The Project is Ridiculously EXPENSIVE
The initial estimate for this project was for $ 50K for a customized prefab unit as is the standard for maintenance facilities everywhere.  Once the Marinwood CSD hired former CSD Director, Bill Hansell as architect, the project ballooned in size and scope.  Already the CSD has spent an estimated $35 k in "consulting fees" for Mr. Hansell, the custom project is estimated to cost at least ten times initial estimate due to the custom architectural features insisted by Mr Hansell. The project will cost MORE than ANY PROJECT that the Marinwood CSD has undertaken since completing the park.   

And as of February 2019 according to the financal audit, the Marinwood CSD is FIVE MILLION DOLLARS in debt.

This is the most outrageous and expensive project in Marinwood CSD History.

Fortunately, we can still have a new Maintenance facility for far less if we scale back the project to a simple garage/workshop like McInnis Park. 

Let's spend our money improving Marinwood Park for seniors and children, refurbishing the trails  refinishing the pool, improving programs and paying our staff instead.

Sometimes ambition makes us blind to the reality we face.

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