Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Four Options for the Maintenance Shed that were REJECTED

The following four options for the Marinwood Park Maintenance Facility were REJECTED in February 2017 in favor of Maintenance Compound currently under review.  All of these options are much smaller than the current design (aka. "White Elephant")  

Option 1 and 2 are too close to Miller Creek.

Option 2 was rejected because it blocks the walking path JUST LIKE THE CURRENT DESIGN.

Option 3 and 4 respects the Miller Creek Stream Conservation ordinance and sound design principles.

Option 4 next to the firehouse was rejected because it required a long narrow access making it difficult to move vehicles JUST LIKE THE CURRENT DESIGN.

Option 3 is the clear winner with its narrow footprint that maximizes access and space efficiency, low cost that is far away from the creek bank.

Side access garages like this can be made attractive and provide the best access for vehicles, tools and work space.
Option 3 uses a side access garage.

Why did the Marinwood CSD select the current proposal that was never discussed publicly?   We need answers from the Marinwood CSD board.

We still don't know the proposed budget and Bill Hansell, former CSD Director is the architect.  His fees have exceeded the estimate of $12,000 for the entire project even BEFORE site plan approval. 

The current design creates the most impact to the park and Miller Creek watershed.  It is also the most expensive and consumes the most park land.  Hansell came up with the "drive through" design that wastes 1/3 of the interior space so he can eliminate "ugly garage doors"  (It's a GARAGE!).  His design requires vehicles to turn around in the Meadow 450' to the East and because of its awkward design a large parking lot will be needed to store debris and vehicles next to the creek just like before.

We believe that the only public space remaining in this area will be a narrow pathway and possibly the horse shoe pit.  

Is this the way you want our precious park space used or is there a better design?

Why spend our resources on such a "White Elephant"?   Don't we value the park more than a massive building?  Of course we need a replacement but it should be in scale and temperament to the rustic setting.  Sign the Petition HERE

Four Options for the Maintenance Shed that were REJECTED

 from http://www.marinwood.org/sites/default/files/park_maint_facility-_site_layout_options_1-4.pdf

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