Thursday, July 4, 2019

The People that Marinwood CSD choose to ignore

Angry citizen responds to Jeff Naylor, Izabela Perry, Leah Green and Parks and Recreation Commissioners, Jon Campo and John Tune who claim they have heard the public and are acting for the greater good.  In truth, the Marinwood CSD has rebuffed a request public discussions on a Maintenance Shed proposal designed by a former Marinwood CSD manager.  Over two hundred people have signed a petition and the speaker attempts to read their names.  He is cut off after reading 30 names.  Rude comments by staff and board members interrupt the speaker. Marinwood CSD is acting arrogant and irresponsibly with public tax dollars.  Ironically,  all of the petition signers support a smaller "right sized" facility like the 1200sf shed at McIniss Park

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