Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The CSD is running into problems with the FATALLY FLAWED Maintenance Shed Design a.k.a. "White Elephant"

Received this note from Michelle Levenson of the Marin County Community Development Department

"Hi Stephen-On May 29, 2019, the District requested an extension to the 60-day time frame to submit those items requested in my April 2, 2019 “Project Status” letter. The extension was granted and the District now has until July 31, 2019 to submit the requested items."

So it looks like the CSD is running into problems.  This is not surprising since their great obstacles are PHYSICAL limitations of the Marinwood CSD Maintenance Facility design.  As you have seen from my previous posts, the lot and the building do not allow the necessary movement of vehicles for a landscape operation.

No amount of the architect's arrogance can overcome this reality.  

We have demonstrated the CSD Maintenance Facility site plan grossly under estimates actual amount of space needed for vehicles.  The meadow and the area in front of the building must be used for the movement of vehicles.  The CSD site plan shows these areas as open space a recreation walking path.  This is an outright deception.  The vehicles must use these areas for turn around and loading operations.  The area is now used for landscaping waste despite safety and aesthetic concerns. This will be unchanged.

The current Marinwood CSD plan cannot be salvaged due to the thoughtless design.  Had the architect, Bill Hansell actually considered early comments from the public, he would have avoided this problem entirely and designed a building conforming to the lot constraints.   I estimate that the CSD has now paid former CSD Director and architect Bill Hansell $40,000 for a plan that is essentially useless.

Had the CSD chosen one of the many attractive kit barn alternatives available ($20 to $50k), we will have a completed project by now for much less.

We must continue to submit substantive comments to the planning commission.  Your voice is important to show the diversity of public opposition to the current Marinwood CSD Maintenance Facility  Plan seen here.  Please send your comments to . mlevenson@marincounty.org

Examples of prefab garage/offices that are available for less than $40k

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