Thursday, July 11, 2019

Marinwood CSD will install Story Poles for the Maintenance Shed

Friends of Marinwood Park gathered over 200 signatures in 2018 to object to the Maintenance Shed.  When people saw the huge size of the facility that will be imposed directly on our walkpath, they became outraged.

The Marinwood CSD called us liars.  We asked for "official story poles" and were denied.  Finally the Marin County Community Planning department insisted on them in April 2019.  The CSD appears finally ready to install the poles in July 2019.

The story poles will show the massive size of the facility that is THREE TIMES the size of a similar McInnis Park facility. McInnis Park employs double the staff and manages 26 times the acreage yet Marinwood Park "needs" a maintenace building THREE TIMES the size?!!

Friends of Marinwood Park support a facility in scale of our tiny park and staff needs.  They do NOT support the current Marinwood Park design.

The Marinwood CSD REF?USES to accept 200 petitions to have a hearing on the Marinwood CSD Maintenance Facility

Architect Bill Hansell, a former Marinwood CSD politician claims that story poles don't tell the truth.

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