Saturday, February 9, 2019

Assemblyman Mark Levine on the CASA Compact, Housing. School Pensions and Marin County

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  1. Watched these 4 clips. Levine seems to have a good grasp of contentious issues---esp.the state's push for more unpopular high density housing--as these issues affect Marin. But it's not easy for him to plead Marin's case in a legislative environment where many of his colleagues probably want to punish Marin for our county's perceived "resistance". The state's de facto one-party system, dominated by "Democratic" legislators from urban areas, just sucks, sucks, sucks. So does the fact that our local Marin schools are not being adequately funded by the state considering the whopping property tax dollars Marinites ship off to the state. Marin basically is getting the Fiscal Screw from Sacramento, forcing local school districts to put up endless bond measures to keep our schools and pension obligations fully funded.