Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Marinwood CSD has many options with PreEngineered and Kit buildings that are attractive, save space and are "right sized"

All of the following buildings are preengineered "pole barn " construction.  As you can see, most of these would be comfortable on a private estate, yet the costs are a small fraction of the currently proposed Marinwood CSD design.  All of these designs can be lengthened to increase the storage space and add an office.  

The Marinwood CSD architect, Bill Hansell is understandably upset with these designs as it is competition with his plan. Most cities do not hire architects for utility buildings. They order them from catalogs of pre-engineered buildings and customize them.  The Hansell design is completely inadequate for our landscaping department due to the constrained access and sprawling footprint.   Unfortunately,  Bill Hansell has refused to meet with concerned residents to make improvements and has resorted to personal attacks on NextDoor and other social media.  This is completely unnecessary and counter productive for our community.  

I sincerely hope that Izabela Perry, Jeff Naylor, Leah Green, Bill Shea and Irv Schwartz will conduct a fair and open review of alternative designs with the public before approving a final design as has been promised in 2017 and 2018.   Tonight at the CSD meeting on September 11, 2018, Eric Dreikosen CSD Manager is seeking approval of the Hansell design which will allow him to request a "Design Review Exemption" and ignore all public input . 

This is profoundly wrong. The Marinwood CSD has not considered alternative designs nor has it divulged the budget for this project.  We requested story poles and lot markers from the CSD so that we could have an honest discussion of the design merits and defects.  They refused and so we installed our own.  Most people we meet in the park are surprised at the size of the facility and have signed the petition.  

We love our Marinwood Park and want the best building for generations to come.
This design mimics the "Marinwood " style homes.

This reminds us of the Eichlers.

Barn style buildings fit well in the rustic setting

This would look great next to the path.

Accessory buildings can exhibit style even while assuming utilitarian uses.

This basic shed is $11k installed.

This shed is $30k installed and will meet the space requirements of our department.

Every government agency in Marin County from Sausalito to Novato uses this type of side access garage. It is affordable, spacious and efficient.  

Mid century architecture is possible too.

These look like homes on Quietwood.

A rustic split rail fence can keep pedestrians from wandering behind garage doors without blocking the view.

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