Saturday, December 1, 2018

Near Riot at 2012 Plan Bay Area Workshops in Santa Rosa

Jake McKensie, Rohnert Park Politician and Regional Representative tries to calm the angry crowd at Plan One Bay Area Workshop in Santa Rosa. The workshops received similar reception across the Bay Area as people understood that this was a takeover of local governments and converting our local jurisdictions to an administrative technocracy. Years later, the MTC and ABAG continue to push their agenda. Most of the public has not waken up to the outrageous assault on our freedoms. In 2012, we had our first "One Bay Area" workshops and near riots broke out. The first people to object were a mix of housing activists and Tea Party groups espousing exotic conspiracy theories. Many dismissed them but they did shine a light on the huge injustice about to be imposed upon the people of the Bay Area. Others got involved. In Marin, long a bastion of environmentalism and intentional growth formed Citizen Marin, a non partisan coalition of local citizens. They understood that this "One Bay Area" plan was nothing but a smoke screen for developers and the destruction of communities just like Marincello in the 1960s. While none of the scenes in Marin were nearly this extreme, Plan Bay Area has awaken a sleeping giant and today, "The CASA COMPACT" is the full realization of the dream legislative prescription. If implemented, it will be the biggest takeover of local government in the history of the United States since the Civil War. We expect Marc Levine, Assemblyman, Mike McGuire, State Senator, and our local political leaders to back our sovereignty.  

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