Friday, November 16, 2018

Marinwood CSD Architect Intimidates and Bullies Senior Citizen

Linda Barnello asks a routine question about late billing at the November 13, 2018 Marinwood CSD meeting and is rudely attacked by Architect Bill Hansell.  Hansell is a former Marinwood CSD board director who was hired secretly in February 2018 for the "all inclusive cost estimate" of $12,000 by Eric Dreikosen on a "time and materials" contract.   By May of 2018, HansellDesign  billed $11,931.73  and has continued to work for an additional six months without submitting bills.  Each month,  Linda has asked for the billing cost or at the very least time estimates so that the total cost of the project can be tracked.  The Board refuses to answer the public's reasonable request.

Hansell says he did not submit billing for six months because he had a baby.   

The Marinwood CSD Board President , Leah Green refuses to censor the outburst and later lets the architect rant about "the public interference in Marinwood CSD affairs" .

Linda Barnello is an involved citizen and has served on the Parks and Recreation Committee and is a major benefactor of the Marinwood Fire Department.   Her attention to budget matters is greatly appreciated by those who want the Marinwood CSD to remain financially healthy.

Why is Marinwood CSD hiding the cost of HansellDesign services?   Clearly there is a conflict of interest with the secret appointment of a former CSD Director who hired the current Marinwood CSD manager, Eric Dreikosen.  The Marinwood CSD board is hiding financial details of the project and has violated government contracting rules.  They are also allowing the violation of Linda Barnello's civil rights at a public forum.

The Marinwood CSD needs serious reform.  It is time for an outside authority to review the business practices of the Marinwood CSD and hold them accountable.

Should Architect Bill Hansell be allowed to intimidate citizens and hide his billing from the public?

Not a single Marinwood CSD board member said a word to defend a senior citizen under attack.

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