Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How Marinwood CSD can have a winning Maintenance Shed project and have money left for a BEAUTIFUL PROJECT

McInnis Park built this 1200 square foot office and garage in 2017 to serve six staff members and to service the park's 450 acres.  McInnis Park is 32 TIMES the size of Marinwood Park but manage with a shed that is 1/3 of the proposed Marinwood Park White Elephant compound? 

How Marinwood CSD can have a winning Maintenance Shed project and have money left over...

1.) Scrap the current "drive through" maintenance compound design.  It is too big but also constrains movement of vehicles and equipment.   Save the Hansell design for a meeting room at the south end of the Community Center where it will face Lucas Valley Rd and enjoy high visibility.

2.) Design a new shed based on the Option #3 proposal first offered by well known engineer and developer Irv Schwartz in 2017.  Irv has had a hand in major projects throughout Marin including the Upper Lucas Valley Subdivision and the Buck Institute.  

In this case, I believe it is possible to build a simple side access garage with workshop and contain the footprint of the facility on North side of the access road.  The modular office can remain to save costs or can be incorporated into the new garage. The garage can be built with conventional or modular construction to save money.

3.) Option #3 will reduce the height/mass of the facility, will not impede foot traffic. stays outside the stream conservation area and will allow a new desirable location next to the creek to return to recreational use as a picnic area and nature playground or simply left open for nature enjoyment. The horse shoe pit can remain in its current location. 
In short, Option #3 addresses most every environment and community concern with the project. Since everyone agrees that we must build a new facility, I believe a design could find rapid acceptance and sail through planning and construction in record time at a lower cost than ever imagined. 

Everyone wins.  We will have money left to improve the park for projects that really matter for accessibility, a new performance stage, shade structures or a new community room which can generate revenue.

A costly conflict can be avoided if we act cooperatively.

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