Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ponti Fire Trail Conversion to Mountain Bike track and multiuse trail. Wil

Marinwood CSD is giving an easement to Marin County Open Space to remove/replace the Ponti Fire Trail that runs on Marinwood CSD land above Blackstone Drive in the North East section of Marinwood. A vital fire break may be removed in the process. We urge the Marinwood CSD to grant access under the provision that the Firebreak will be maintained by Marin County . Also, since the trail will be narrowed from 15' to 5' , residents are concerned about collisions with speeding cyclists. We urge that pedestrian bypass trails are built at blind corners and jumps for safety. Unfortunately, none of the Marinwood CSD directors seemed to be concerned and voted to grant full easement without any conditions. Eric Dreikosen is charged with negotiating the final details.

We note the irony of the Marinwood CSD in the deference to the 10 mountain bike enthusiasts who attended. Their voice is significant while the 200 residents who petitioned the board for a hearing on Bill Hansells "Maintenence Facility Compound" have been attacked as "irrelevant".

Legitimate concerns about fire safety and trail safety are ignored. The Marinwood CSD should be ashamed.

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