Saturday, May 5, 2018

Marinwood Annual Budget presented for Approval. Highest spending ever. NEW Draconian Policy to Squelch Public Participation and Videotaping of Meetings.

The Marinwood CSD Board of Directors will conduct their next regular board meeting on Tuesday, May 8 at 7:30 PM at the Marinwood Community Center. Please note, the final proposed District operating budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 will be presented for formal approval of the Board. The complete agenda packet, as well as prior meeting agenda packets, can be viewed and downloaded from the Marinwood website at:

The board is planning to spend the highest amount in the history of the Marinwood CSD and will have no money set aside for reserves.  Does this seem responsible to you?

Also in this meeting, a new policy attempting to challenging the right of the public to participate in open meeting will be proposed in clear violation of speech and the Brown Open Meetings Law.  Such policies are contemptuous of free speech provisions and ignore the abusive, bullying behavior of the board such as demonstrated below by Leah Green, CSD Board President.  

The board has regularly requested the presence of a police officer at meetings to intimidate the public.  No violations of the law were encountered. It appears that this latest attempt is to create rules to ban certain individuals like me from attending and recording their proceedings. 

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