Monday, May 21, 2018

Five Minutes to understand the Basics of the Marinwood Plaza Toxic Waste Problem

Only a few drops of PCE can poison an entire pool.
The original "spill" reported in July 2013 was reported as "only a few pounds" by Geologica and the spill less than a few hundred square feet.  It is now estimated to be 1/2 mile to the East and we still not have full defined the plume. We estimate hundreds of pounds may have spilled since the business began in 1965.
Geologica is recommending only to remove a 10' x 10 x 15' deep section of toxic soil. The known plume is well over 500,000 square feet and they will only remove 100 square feet?  RIDICULOUS!

This is the size of "a few pounds" of PCE. It is about 1 pint or .47 liters.

The Geologica Remedial Action Plan is incomplete and relies on inaccurate and incomplete data for its recommendations.  Worse still, it does not have a start date which means that they are asking the board to permanently delay remediation until after a buyer is found. Meanwhile NO ACTIVE REMEDIATION has occurred since 2011 while TOXIC WASTE has spread.  This is not acceptable.

Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene)


Hazard Summary-Created in April 1992; Revised in December 2012
Tetrachloroethylene is widely used for dry-cleaning fabrics and metal degreasing operations. Effects resulting from acute (short term) high-level inhalation exposure of humans to tetrachloroethylene include irritation of the upper respiratory tract and eyes, kidney dysfunction, and neurological effects such as reversible mood and behavioral changes, impairment of coordination, dizziness, headache, sleepiness, and unconsciousness.  The primary effects from chronic (long term) inhalation exposure are neurological, including impaired cognitive and motor neurobehavioral performance.  Tetrachloroethylene exposure may also cause adverse effects in the kidney, liver, immune system and hematologic system, and on development and reproduction. Studies of people exposed in the workplace have found associations with several types of cancer including bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, multiple myeloma.  EPA has classified tetrachloroethylene as likely to be carcinogenic to humans.
For a complete report see the EPA Website HERE
And of course there is the politics of Toxic Waste........

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