Saturday, March 17, 2018

I think I need to apologize about the earlier Marinwood Fire Department posts

Pointless Picture designed to get your attention.

I think I need to apologize.  I may have caused some  confusion. Early posts reference "prevailing wage contracts" which should have been labeled "DIR contractor contracts"   I have since corrected the posts.  While I believe the law is clear that DIR Contractor procedures are not required for Small projects under $25,000,  the Marinwood CSD IS REQUIRED to pay prevailing wages on contracts above $1000.   The Marinwood Fire Department has a bid for less than $8000 for wood cabinets, granite countertops and installation.  Only if they desire to put in new lighting and move plumbing, will they need to hire an electrician and plumber. Still with the savings, the Marinwood CSD can do this, buy a new $6500 Wolf Range* to replace their current one and still the project is less than $25,000. 

Please see the official press release from the Department of Industrial Relations HERE

*I am not certain that any appliances will count towards the remodeling project $25,000 maximum value since I believe they will be considered separately.

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