Friday, February 16, 2018

Marinwood CSD Meeting February 13, 2018 Insults, Obfuscation and Rage

Leah Green  interrupts, insults and makes faces at audience and the audience responds back. Maintenance Shed architect is hired for a site plan in an ILLEGAL location next to Miller Creek. Fire Department kitchen is going forward WITHOUT reopening the bid process.  It won't comply with Government contracting law YET somehow they insist on the need to hire contractors with a personal relationship to the Chief/Board for up to $87,000.  A legitimate bid was had for $25,000 at the beginning of the process. Thrifty residents pointed out that it could be done for less than $15,000.  Leah Green, the daughter of a successful businessman, suggests to move ahead with $87,000 to put the matter to rest.  The annual audit shows an improving financial situation (as usual) despite severe financial challenges.  Luke Fretwell has been hired as the recreation director at an undisclosed salary and not following standard government procedure.  Luke is a fine replacement for our outgoing recreation director, Shane Demarta and SHOULD get the position in our opinion but transparency was violated.  Fraud procedures were adapted that denies transparency.  If fraud is found, the CSD manager may launch an investigation quietly.  If the CSD manager is found to be suspect only the President of the CSD is allowed to investigate.  There is no requirement for public reporting or third party investigation. Izabela Perry acknowledges the problem but Jeff Naylor argues to adapt the policy citing that it can "be amended later". 

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