Thursday, December 7, 2017

Marinwood Park trees illegally removed. Will the CSD allow the vandal to escape legal and civil responsibility?

Marinwood Park trees illegally removed.  

Will the CSD allow the vandal to escape legal and civic responsibility?

On Monday, December 4th, workman on orders clearcut trees in Marinwood Park behind 
485 Quietwood Drive.  The Marinwood CSD was notified on Tuesday.  Erik Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD Manager and Shane Demarta, Parks Director inspected the damage on Wednesday and told the workman to stop and remove debris.  The homeowner has not been contacted as of today.

We find this homeowner's actions outrageous.  Imagine if a neighbor were to hop your fence and have a crew remove trees on YOUR property.

We urge the Marinwood CSD to hold the homeowner accountable for destruction and vandalism of public property.  To ignore this is to give tacit approval for hundreds of other intrusions on our parks and public space.

Please email the Marinwood CSD manager and board of directors and ask them to PROTECT OUR PARKS AND OPEN SPACE:

Eric Dreikosen <>; Shane Demarta <>; Bill Shea <>; Izabela Perry <>; Jeff Naylor <>; Leah Kleinman-Green <>; IRVING SCHWARTZ <>

 In 2010, a resident took down trees in McNears Beach and the County responded with legal action and a civil action estimated to be worth $80k. See story here

Land scarred by trucks.

It appears that the homeowner may have wanted more sun on their rooftop solar collector.

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