Friday, December 15, 2017

Marinwood Park Tree Vandal exposed Before and After

Quietwood Dr. Homeowner illegally removes trees in Marinwood Park. Seen above is the satellite photo showing a lush canopy of trees appearing on Google Maps behind the house.

Trees have been clearcut and illegally removed in December 2017

Eric Dreikosen, Marinwood CSD manager refuses to hold the vandal responsible because "she had no malicious intent".

A similar situation happened in McNears Park and the resident was charged with felony vandalism and threatened with civil action up to $80,000. See the story in the Marin IJ HERE.

Do you think we should allow residents to clearcut trees in Marinwood Park when it interfers with their view? Write the Marinwood CSD and Staff:

Bill Shea

 Izabela Perry
Jeff Naylor
Leah Kleinman-Green
Shane Demarta
Eric Dreikosen

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