Sunday, September 17, 2017

Marinwood CSD reveals history of Illegal Contracts

August 31, 2017 Marinwood Fire Chief reveals a "pattern and practice" of ignoring legally required "RFP Government Contracting" practice at the Marinwood CSD.  In 2016 the fire department ordered a $500,000 fire engine that arrived 3 months late with equipment problems requiring $50,000 in change orders and service delays. The vendor was not penalized. The law requires government notice of purchasing above a certain amount in a sealed bid format. This helps assure the best bid price for the taxpayers. 

At issue is the Fire Department "Martha Stewart" kitchen makeover where the Marinwood CSD has REFUSED a $25,000 donation so that it can spend $60,000 of taxpayer funds for a kitchen remodel. An initial estimate has the total cost for cabinets at $4000 yet the district wants to spend FOURTEEN TIMES the amount. The preferred contractor has two sons in the fire service and a personal relationship with one of the Marinwood CSD board members. '

At this special meeting, the Marinwood CSD DID NOT POST THE MEETING 24 hours in advance as REQUIRED BY LAW. When confronted with photographic proof they did not comply they IGNORED it. 

Legal action will be needed to stop routine corrupt practices of the Marinwood CSD as they have no shame or sense of decency.

Why would the Marinwood CSD REFUSE a $25,000 gift that could fully pay for a new kitchen?

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