Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Getting Hassled for Taking Pictures in San Francisco (Marinwood CSD wants to do this in Marinwood Park too)

A few years ago,  the Marinwood CSD directors voted to require permits for photographing in Marinwood Park.  It was voted in unanimously by the Bruce Anderson, (now NextDoor chief censor and moderator) and Leah Kleinman-Green (current CSD board member),  Cyane Dandridge (promoter and consultant for the SolEd Solar project),  Tarey Read and Bill Hansel.    

I was the only person to object at the time, citing the county requirements for large film productions were more than adequate, but the Marinwood CSD board wanted the requirement for all photographers.  

Of course, the ordinance is overly broad and virtually unenforceable.  It may also be a violation of First Amendment rights.  When petty politicians are in charge, no violation of common sense and decency is off limits. 

At least Bruce Anderson still has NextDoor to give him a feeling of power.

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