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Landslide on SMART tracks reported by Train Enthusiast on January 13, 2017 while SMART hides it from the Public.

Western Railroad Discussion > Slide on northend of Puerto Suello Hill halts SMART trains

Date: 01/13/17 23:03
Slide on northend of Puerto Suello Hill halts SMART trains
Author: weather

SMART MOW crews clear a rock, mud, and tree slide today on the NW side at the Terra Linda/Los Ranchitos side of Tunnel #4 north of San Rafael.  Large Euclyptus trees was part of the debris which blocked the north portal.  I talked to one of the SMART folks on the scene and said he said that the initial work done by the contractor when the tunnel was seismically strengthened, including stabilization of the hillside was under "warranty".  A geologist will brough in for soe geo-technical work to see in the hillside is stable enough to run trains.  Here are three images showing the clean-up and the aftermath.  The shots werre taken this afternoon at Cerro (the NWP station name at north end of the Tunnel)  and north of the San Pedro Rd. crossing where the debris was deposited awaiting removal.   Slide is cleared looking south thru the cut and the north portal.  The slide was on the right side.  #2.  Excavator on mobile hi-rail flat with large tree limb.  #3 shot show the debris pile.

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Editor's Note: Above is a 1/13/2017 post about the SMART landslide by a train enthusiast.  SMART did not inform the public or the media.  In fact it does not appear in any of the meeting minutes and does not appear to be discussed publicly despite it being a MAJOR ENGINEERING setback. SMART is trying to get approval for the San Rafael to Larkspur phase of construction and clearly is frightened that it will impact the financial viability of the project.   According to one estimate, proper remediation of the landslide will require a major hillside construction complete with drainage and retaining walls. The slide begins at the crest of the hill approximately 200 feet above the train tracks and could wipe out the road, block the tunnel and destroy the tracks.

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