Monday, February 13, 2017

Will Marin develop like Hong Kong? It is not absurd as you think

Picture of Hong Kong
Urban planners worldwide are trying desperately to create dense urban cores everywhere. It is part of UN Habitat program for their idea of a global future run by technocrat elites. It really is quite remarkable. They have been at this for the last forty years at least but it accelerated in the last ten years. Plan Bay Area is part of this worldwide trend but EVERY metropolis is trying something similar. Low density aka "sprawl" living like Marin do not fit in this "urban ideal". Just like other planning fads of the past, this too must be resisted. We citizens should be determining our lifestyles, not planners and politicians. In a democracy, the government works for the people. Who wants to live in a "blade runner" future, a quasi-socialist nightmare filled with power hunger politicians ruling our lives? I believe that Brexit the populist movement that elected Trump and other leaders worldwide are part of the backlash against this trend.
Quite literally, China urbanization schemes are considered as models for the future by the "smart set" in San Francisco and elsewhere. 

Now with Senator Scott Wiener proposing SB827,  High density housing can happen anywhere near a high frequency bus line. 

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